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Meet the Team

Proven Professionals

The experienced team at NeuroEnergetics Spine & Sport uses the most current and up-to-date methods for treating our patients. Our staff is known for their thorough diagnoses and exceptional medical supervision to make sure you'll get the right treatment, on time.

Male Nurse

Reese Whiteman


Reese Whiteman treats every patient who comes their way with patience and compassion. As our longest-serving Orthopedist, they play an important role in our busy Small Business and are one of our most popular staff members.

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Smiling Nurse

Jamie Lane


Jamie Lane always wanted a career that would allow them to make a real difference in people’s lives. It’s why they are such an incredible clinician and make such an impact in helping their patients achieve optimal health.

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Nice Nurse

Drew Carlyle

Massage Therapist

Drew Carlyle, our newest Massage Therapist, has a special interest in creating partnerships with their patients. They believe that making sure patients are proactive about their recovery shortens the treatment time and keeps them healthier in the future.

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