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Chiropractic Pain Solutions

All of Dr. Custer's hands-on treatments begin by promoting your understanding of pain modulation through the Chiropractic Adjustment.

It's not about the crack.

It's about biofeedback information to your brain via your pain receptors.

Once there's pain reduction, we can get to work.



Transmute chronic pain into life healing energy with our more extensive muscle plus lymphatics integration coupled with the ole' reliable Chiropractic Adjustment to tie the ribbon on the whole package. Spinal decompression used as needed alongside other ancillary treatment modalities. 

This service includes post-treatment 20-30 minute nervous system cooldown in our Normatec Compression System paired with BrainTap's brainwave synchronization training to pursue peak performance and recovery.

This is Dr. Custer's recommended treatment to combat chronic pain and our most popular choice amongst our frequent flyers.

Regain your comprehensive in-body experience!



Strictly Neurology: vestibular & oculomotor system treatments - A.K.A. proprioception & eye movement therapy. Brain-based therapies are incorporated between targeted muscle & lymph integration and corrective exercise. Lastly, that omnipresent Chiropractic Adjustment comes in clutch to get you home safe! 

This service also includes post-treatment 20-30 minute nervous system cooldown.

This treatment is reserved for those healing from neural dysfunction or planning to shatter lifestyle plateaus. We've created a peak performance series to rewire the mind & body into a complete unit similar to when you popped out of the womb. Whether you’re coming back from a major injury or looking to level up your gameday software, shout hello to an increased quality of life!

10'N Out


More than your average Chiropractic Adjustment, although very familiar.


Adds basic muscle integration for those who only need some minor detailing.

Recommended for maintenance after graduating from injury care and continued wellness in your hustle and bustle lifestyle. 

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