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Compression Massage

Stiff body? Sore muscles?

Whether you're stuck behind a desk or can't stay out of the gym, we can help!

We pair every massage with BrainTap's brainwave optimization headset. BrainTap breaks brainwave patterns that keep you stuck in burnout.

Normatec Compression


Arms, legs, hips?! OH MY!

Who needs to recover faster or just wants a little more feeling in their body?


This treatment works like a traction massage by compressing your muscles into a chosen intensity of blood flow restriction in a zone by zone pattern. Compression is held for a short time before releasing in the same pattern. Multiple cycles are completed. 

Choose one of the above mentioned body areas and receive a lymphatic system flushing and increased blood circulation, leading to improved range of motion and pain reduction.
Includes BrainTap brainwave synchronization training to de-stress, sleep better, and develop a sharper mind!

Normatec Compression


Same Compression Massage you know and love!

Recommended treatment length for post-surgical individuals to promote circulation and cellular waste clearance - amplify your healing!

Choose this option while growing your endurance walking again, as it simulates ambulation by increasing blood flow to your extremities.


Still married to BrainTap. 

BrainTap mitigates the stress response created in the body due to experiencing surgery. 


***This treatment may be split between two different body areas. 

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