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NeuroBehavioral Health Coaching

Kelly utilizes cutting edge and evidence based Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) brain mapping services before training every NFT client. Neurofeedback Training can be as effective as medication in adults and children of all ages.

If cognitive dysfunctions such as fatigue, memory loss or brain fog sound familiar, you're in the right place!

Most importantly, it stays outside your body :)

New Training Special




$605 value ONLY $405

Neurofeedback Initial Scan


A NON-invasive in-office scan, where Kelly will complete a full spectrum diagnostic of your brainwave inefficiencies via Brainmaster's QEEG technology.

In order to prescribe the proper stabilization or peak performance protocols, our NeuroBehavioral Coach must measure and quantify the communication between areas of the brain required to cohesively attend to your memory, attention, information processing, and executive function.

Includes 30min Virtual Follow-up to review analysis

Neurofeedback Training

12 x 40min

Month Long Rental Includes: 

- Exclusive home based training

- 12 brain training sessions

- Additional household trainees at discounted rate

- Weekly personal 1-1 video sessions with the NeuroBehavioral Health Coach

- On call support

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