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Available Care

Chiropractic Neurology Exam

45min medical exam followed by 15min one-on-one discussion centered on you and your goal-oriented care.

Complete neurological systems check

Orthopedic Testing

RightEye diagnostics

Cambridge Brain Sciences Assessment

Must be completed before Pain Management Treatments

Compression Therapy

Improve your recovery & performance with the Normatec Compression System. Our full-body dynamic compression system has you covered whether your want to ditch sore muscles or level up your health with our restorative massage.

We pair all compression massages with BrainTap brainwave synchronization training headset.

Chiropractic Pain Solutions

With different session lengths and intensities available,

Dr. Custer provides the best suited care based on your needs.

Treatment Options:



10'N Out

Vibroacoustic Therapy

Enrich your healing with a sound massage experience courtesy of military grade vibrational transducers on a custom-built waterbed!

Float away in meditation or take a nap as sensational vibrations are absorbed by your skin, bone/joints,  and deep muscle tissues to promote healing and stress reduction.

NeuroBehavioral Health

Neurofeedback Training (NFT) is a way to manage brainwave inefficiencies using technology to attune your biological rhythms directly through the brain. This worthwhile treatment improves memory, focus/attention, general mood, and ability to handle stress.


Manipulation Under Anesthesia



Available Now!

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